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Board Chairman Speech

Blue Horizon Hotel Group 

 Think, for the future; Do, face the reality. Dare to think, to broad vision; Dare to do, the enterprise can develop. Don't want to think boldly, could not see opportunities; Don't want to do seriously, can't catch the opportunity. Since entrepreneurship, blue horizon people, according to the mission of  “Building one hundred brand, create a century classic”, determined to enterprising, pragmatic development, had been to create the dishes classic, serving classic and management classics.
      As a corporate citizen, blue horizon is responsible for the society to create more tax and employment opportunities; As a service enterprise, blue horizon has the responsibility to provide customers with professional services and health noble way of life; As an enterprise as a legal person, the blue horizon has the responsibility to provide employees with competitive benefits, build good development platform, create a harmonious working environment.
     In the past, the blue horizon people silent and cultivated, with great concentration to explore food hotel operation pattern, from the initial blue horizon Xicheng hotel developed to the blue horizon hotel group today.
     At present, the successful experience of blue horizon are now the deposit yesterday, strives for perfection, the pursuit of excellence, accumulate the energy to promote the development of enterprise transformation.
     In the future, blue horizon people will take the best hotel groups at home and abroad as the benchmark, relying on their own catering advantage, build distinctive cuisine hotel group, with all their heart.