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Talent Strategy


     In the 20 years development, the blue horizon hotel group has always attached importance to the cultivation and development of talents, adhere to human resources as the core advantage of enterprise development, and formed a set of perfect and reasonable talent strategy.

一、Selecting, employing, combining education, excellent education and training mechanism.
    Blue horizon group stressed that the staff is the most important resource of enterprise, the group need to trust, respect and rely on employees, put the staff in the main position of management, to inspire vitality and spirit of innovation, so as to realize the staff's comprehensive and free development, the goal of development of the enterprise and employees reached the same goal. For staff development, blue horizon hotel group takes 360 degree training model.
    Longitudinal: The comprehensive induction training, promotion training, job-transfer training, skills training, through the occupation career of every employee in blue horizon hotel group.
    Longitudinal: The comprehensive induction training, promotion training, job-transfer training, skills training, through the occupation career of every employee in blue horizon hotel group.

二、The system of combining with human, comprehensive daily management mechanism
    Blue horizon group using common organizational values and business philosophy, relying on the common belief, perfect management system, to create a relaxed and equal environment to the staff, so that they are willing to be masters of work. At the same time, the staff code of every word and action let every employee behavior have rules to follow. In the management process to encourage employees to participate in the management of enterprise, establish new partnerships between employees and enterprise, stimulate employees desire to create, make its potential and talent to get the maximum.

三、Competitive benefits, improve the labor protection mechanism
    Blue horizon group provides higher levels of welfare benefits in the industry, with fair and reasonable treatment increasing system, comprehensive labor protection mechanism, effectively protect the interests of employees, to attract a large number of talented persons to join and inject fresh blood and vigor for the blue horizon group.

四、Reward and punishment properly, encouragement, perfect performance appraisal mechanism

    Blue horizon group pay attention to the talent concept, the establishment of an effective performance appraisal system, the development of assessment and evaluation system,reward and punishment properly, positive incentives, encourage employees to do, give full play to their expertise and talents, so as to form a good atmosphere of the organization, promoting work efficiency and improve the benefit of the hotel. At the same time, reduce employee turnover, really protect the talents loss, to realize the purpose of open human resource management, which is capable to senior position, man in general give place to the talent, and the nonentity to resign.

五、By talent,More on the team, sound mechanism of enterprise culture construction
    Blue horizon group emphasized the role of the individual and the cultural construction of people-oriented, but pay more attention to the role of the team. To encourage employees to learn, promote the exchange and sharing of knowledge, innovation of the corporate culture,so that every employee value must be recognized,and the creativity, innovation, ideas or suggestions to be respected and full exchange. The staff actively dedicated to the development of enterprises, so as to enhance the enterprise wisdom, market oriented innovation ability was improved. Solidarity and cooperation, make concerted efforts, converging million people united as one man, surging the blue horizon group.