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Common Problems

How to get the integral?
1.You can get i point in every 5 yuan RMB consumption, no points as follows: (1)Group purchase; (2)sign the bill then company pay; (3)Vouchers、package tickets and so on; (4)Group meals and Wedding banquet. 2.One yuan equals one bonus point of your room rate;The consumption of signing bills cannot have the bonus points and you will have no discount when you enjoy the privileges except your membership preferences.
How long does it take for the integral to be credited to the membership car...
After checkout, the qualified integral will be transferred into your membership card after zero on the second day.
How many member states are the member card have?
1.he initial state: you apply for membership by blue horizon hotel group website or through the hotel reception desk. After that, you get no points without qualified consumption in the member hotel. 2.In the state: you apply for membership by blue horizon hotel group website or through the hotel reception desk. After that, you get points through the eligible consumption in the member hotel. 3.Disabled state: the membership card will become the "disabled" state if the card are under 1000 points within 3 valid natural year. All points on the membership card account will be lost in the state of "disabled", and can no longer be used, the cardholder can not enjoy preferential rights and membership again. Cancellation of membership cardholders can apply again for the awards program, but can not recover lost points.
If I lost my card,how to apply for a new one?
You can apply for a new card directly in the reception desk, and the original card points will be transferred to your new card account within 24 hour.
Why to join the award scheme?
Becoming a preferred guest,you can enjoy exclusive preference and respected courteous reception, and can also get huge bonus points when consuming at a hotel of Blue Horizon Hotel Group.
What are the requirements for joining the award scheme?
1.Chinese citizens and foreigners reach 18 years of age can apply for membership program. 2.The member must provide accurate personal information. 3.For the proper purpose to use the hotel products and services.
Is it free to apply to the membership?
Register VIP card online freely (log in the BHG website and wei chat ).You can also get a card in the hotel with paying 10yuan.
How do I apply to become a member?
One way (recommended): Blue Horizon Group official We-chat (lanhai-bhg) Another way: by Blue Horizon Group official website (www.lanhai.cn) The third way:every BHG Hotel reception。
I have become the member, how to upgrade for a gold card, platinum or diamond platinum or diamond card members?
gold member;Get directly: 1.Recharge a preferential card from 3000RMB to 30000RMB. 2.Get a China Merchants Bank and BHG co-branded card. Upgrade: During valid period, the card can upgrade to Gold card when bonus points reach 3000。 diamond card member:Get directly: Recharge a preferential card from more than 30000RMB. Upgrade: During valid period, the Platinum Card can upgrade to Diamond card when bonus points reach 30000.